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    设计师: 陈太康


    This case is a pasta restaurant biased towards traditional forms combined with modern elements. In terms of design, it hopes to highlight the unique design effect on the premise of solving the spatial structure problem and seek for the breakthrough of visual body and mind. The original structure is obviously lacking in space, hierarchy and lighting. In the structural adjustment, the second floor has been built according to the requirements of Party A, and the depressing feeling of the space is very obvious. In order to make the space give the experiencers a comfortable feeling, the public dining area is visually extended in the design, and the building area is used to carry out penetration-type height treatment to increase the correlation between the upper and lower Spaces. Repast area undertook local raise, differentiate functional area while also enhanced dimensional level greatly. After supplementing the light source in the space, the natural light outside is introduced to achieve the symbiotic effect of indoor and outdoor. In the use of material elements, a large area of walnut color and terrazzo material, plain and popular combination of lateral echo of the relationship between traditional and modern fusion. From the material to the spatial relationship, each place reflects the collision and friction of two different elements, and finally forms a perfect combination of symbiosis, giving the space a unique visual effect.

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